Monday, June 21, 2010

Yo Yo Yooooo....

What's up home skillets. Wellllll...nothing too exciting happening here in SLC these days. The boys are still on the road for about 5 more days. Booooooo...I don't like it. Kind of annoying. But I've been chillin with the wives club, so I'm all good. I guess I should throw my good news out there since it will probably be a major part of my blog and my life for....well....the rest of my life. I'm knocked up!!!! Don't worry. There is a 99.9% chance that Ryan is the father. JUST KIDDING!!!! Not funny....I know. Sorry honey. (Not that he reads this anyway.) We are super excited to find out if it's a boy or a girl. I'm hopin there is a twig and a couple berries in there, but all I really want is a healthy baby. When I go Target of course....I can't help but look at all the clothes and wonder what I'll be buying. There are soooo many more clothes for girls than boys. I WILL be broke if I have a little girl. She will be a little DIVA fo sho. But for the moment I'll have to just wait and see. I am almost 12 weeks now and the pukies have started to subside. Thank the LORD. I was pretty miserable for the first 11 weeks. I pretty much puked all day, every day, 24-7. It was SEXY!! Ryan really hasn't had to witness much of the sickness since I just got out to SLC, so that's a GREAT thing. I, personally, am a private puker. I don't want you standing at the door asking if I'm "okay". I look or sound OKAY?!?!?!?!?!?! So he missed out on that part. I have asked Ryan to now refer to me as 'baby mama drama'. I think it fits me perfectly. I have been watching all the birthing shows on tv and I am scaring the S#&% out of myself. I don't know why people choose to have their births taped and shown to the entire world, but I guess there are plenty of crazies like me that watch. I just hope that since I have been sooooooo sick, then I'll at least have a smooth labor and delivery. I guess we shall see. I'll keep ya posted.

Well that's all I have for ya for the moment. I'm kinda wanting to go lay out tomorrow, so if you are at the pool and see and a great white whale you don't have to's just me. I have started working out again now that I'm not puking every second, so hopefully I'll be a smokin hot mama. That's the plan at least. Haha.

Check ya lata playas.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Guess who's back.....back again....Darcy's back......tell a friend.

Hopefully you sang the title as I did when I wrote it.

Well helloooooo my friends. I'm officially back in SLC with my baby daddy, Ryan. I really like to blog during the baseball season to keep all the home dawgs back in the m-dub (Midwest City) and all my other baseball family members that are no longer with the Angels organization up to speed on my exciting life. And it is EXCITING these days...let me just tell you.

I got here about 4 days ago and Ryan is already back on the road for 8 days. Oooooh the life. So I'm times. I do have a roomie Jamie, but she is livin it up in Sin City this weekend. JEALOUS!! I also have Tanner next door....thank ya JEEE-SUS!! Her and Baby Asher will hopefully keep me busy while the boys are gone. There are a bunch of other wives and girlfriends that are here, but I think a lot of them are going home this week or they are working. If not, then I'm sure we will party it up while the boys are gone. Maybe get together and make some bad decisions. We is CRAZY. I actually do need some sun on this nasty whiteness I call my body. So maybe some pool time is in my near future. AND some gym time!!! For real yo. I HAVE to go to the gym this week!!! No more excuses. I say this as I sit here and CRUSH a bag of bbq baked lays. It's no good buying the baked chips when you eat the entire bag in one sitting, by the way.

Well, I hope that I can keep you all entertained this season. I know my life is one big barrel of fun (sarcasm), and I love sharing it with everyone.

Love, Peace, Hair Grease