Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is OUT OF CONTROL....

I know.... it has been waaaaaaaaaaay to long. I know I know I know. Once the off season hits time just flies and I forget to update the blog world on my status. The holidays have come and well as my waist line. I apparently ate a small child during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ya know.....sometimes ya just gotta enjoy the dimples in you butt. I know it's only gonna go down hill from here, so who really cares. Haha!! Just kidding.

I miss ALL of my LA and SLC biotches soooooo much!!!! I got to see the Wilhite's and Moseley's (teammates) this off season. Ryan and I took a road trip to Mayfield, KY and Texarkana, AR over the break to see the homey's. I actually like taking road trips with Ryan...weird I know. We just talk and eat and sing....well I sing and he laughs....actually I'm one eating and talking too. I'm actually not sure what he does. Come to think of it....I haven't even seen him since I got back home. I think I might have left him in Texarkana. Ooooops!!! I'm MESSING with you guys!!!!! He is working on the "honey do" list.

Teaching is going.....well it's going. I'm NOT looking forward to Ryan leaving. This is probably going to be my last year to teach. (I say that every year.) I really think I mean it this time. I guess you will just have to stay tuned to see what happens.

Well I plan on posting some pics, but I don't really have time today....BIG DAY, so I'll try to do that tonight. Ryan and I are CLEANING EVERYTHING in the house. Closets, kitchen, bedrooms, EVERYTHING. Sucks now, but once it is done I will be soooooo glad I did it. It's actually kinda fun because we find stuff that we forgot we had....but then it takes longer, because we (I) have to go down memory lane or try stuff on that is from 1984 (I was 2).'s been real. Catch ya on the flip side.