Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer Lovin

Let's take a walk down memory lane...shall we???

Happy Birthday ray-jay. Love your face!!!

Ryan sign autographs on the "day off". Some day off. Ughhhh. Sweet hawk.

My BF in SLC. She let me borrow her bow.



My homeboy Trevor.

Ohhhhh...the life of a bat boy. Don't hate him cuz you ain't him.

The BEST couple EVER!!!!! I'm just sayin.

LOVE HER!!!!! Miss you boo!!!!

Sweet. You love me Lindsay!!!

My family.

Miss my Lindsay!!!!!!!

He loves the drama.

Never lettin her go!!!!!!

I'm sure the people down in the tunnel LOVED takin pictures for us EVERYDAY!!!

When trying to hide "problem areas"...just hide behind the reason you have them...CARBS.

Pretty lake hair and sun burn. I'm amazing....I know.

Water front hotel.

The FUN crew. Everyone else that didn't stay sucks. Just kidding....KINDA. Hehe.

Fun times with my homeys.

Maxim's hottest couples of 2009. Yeah....we know.

Lovin the lake. Never wanted to weekend to end.


Soooooo precious.

Love me some Wilhite. Soon to be a married man!! Woooohooooo!!!!

I'll share Ryan with Candice. Love her!!!!

Hot mamas!!!!

More of the glam squad.

Loving SLC.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hey there....

Hello hello!!!!! Time for some updating.

Life back home is busy busy busy, but boring boring boring. Life is just so different without Ryan in it everyday. We talk multiple times a day. He calls when he gets up, when he goes to the field, after batting practice, and after the game. So I don't have to go very long without hearing his voice. He is a huge part of my heart and soul and when he isn't around, part of me is missing. The house is just so empty. Most of my friends are in relationships, so I get to hang out with couples a lot and it makes me miss Ryan even more. I'm just having a whining session....sorry....I'll move on.

We had our first football game Friday night. My pom girls did great. They are young and inexperienced, but have lots of potential. It's really fun to see all of them so excited about everything. We lost, but hopefully the boys don't get too discouraged. They are going to have a great season, they just have to stay positive.

Now to the fun stuff. I went to the first OSU football game on Saturday. Soooooo much fun!!! Go Cowboys. We won...of course. OU lost....which made my day even better. Haha. Sorry Sooner fans....actually I'm not sorry. I have had waaaay too many bad experiences with OU fans to count. Even most of my friends that are OU fans are rude and obnoxious during games. It's like they forget friend etiquette and try to drive everyone around them CRAZY!!! I don't really have alot of game day attire anymore...besides old pom uniforms...and lets be one wants to see this mid drift me. So I obviously HAD to buy a shirt. I also bought THE coolest water bottle ever. It is collapsible. Sweetness!!! And I bought an OSU koozie. I was all set for the game and tailgating. I never got to tailgate in college because I was always pomming, so I love the tailgating experience. Drinking, eating, and hanging out with friends....couldn't ask for anything more. Especially the drinking part. really. I've been deprived of the game day experience for too long, so I am taking FULL advantage. And thank GOD I have a long weekend. I really want to start going to more games. I'll just have to convince Ryan of that.

I have begun a new workout plan. It consists of not working out at all. It is really working out nicely for me. I love how sleepy I am all the time and lazy lazy lazy. Good times. Everyone should try it. Yeah right. I have GOT to get back on a workout schedule. I am a worthless piece of crap lately and need to figure it out. I love working out, I have just been so busy lately that I just have had to make some sacrifices. more. I am getting back in the gym...after the long weekend of course. Haha.

Well, I guess that's all I got for now. Update you soooooon.