Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Flipping out!!!

Well....for those of you that USED to follow my crazy baseball life and shenanigans blog, life has changed a bit!  Ryan is a retired pro baseball player and is now a firefighter!  Big changes!!  We have 2 beautiful babies.  Parker is 5 and Gage is 3.  Cray cray!!

So now on to our most recent adventure.  I have always loved Chip and Joanna Gaines.  The show Fixer Upper is so awesome.  Chip and Jo are amazing!!!!  But they are LIARS!!!!!!  We are currently on DAY 3 of our flip.  And I have NOT been cute like Jo, Ryan is NOT excited about everything like Chip, our children are NOT happy to be there and child care is NOT provided.  Lies!!!!  I sweat.  I cuss.  I stink. I'm NOT Joanna.  Ryan did inform me that she is the designer, not the flipper.  Yeah yeah yeah.  She is still ADORABLE ALL THE TIME.  Love her.

Day 1 - Poo Garage
We cleaned out the garage.  The poo filled garage.  Not little poo.  BEAR POO.  A bear was living in Midwest City.  In my garage.  Found a dead cat.  Found a tarantula-like spider.  Froze in fear.  It smiled at me.  (Okay maybe not, but it was freakin huge and scary.)  I screamed.  Ryan killed it.  Sweat ALOT.  Found lots of poison ivy.  Decided child care was absolutely necessary. My children were HATING life on DAY FREAKIN 1!!!  Discovered that Chip and Joanna are LIARS!!!  It is WAAAAAAAY harder than they make it look.  The show Rehab Addict.....she's a LIAR too!!!  Cute during the entire flip.  Nope.  Not possible.

Day 2 - My kids hate me
More griping from my children.  More sweat from places that should not sweat.  Discovered how amazing an excavator is.  It can do ANYTHING!!  We tore up a ton of brush in the front yard.  Pulled up trees, bushes, weeds, everything.  I also started to clean out the inside of the house.  It has been vacant for 30 years.  There was a small kitchen fire and no one ever remodeled the home, so it sat there collecting poo and tarantulas and dead cats for 30 years.  Poor kitty.  Actually, poor me.



I cleaned!!  Momma did good!!

Day 3 - The Injury
The kids stayed with my MIL ALLLLLLL DAAAAAAAY.  Thanks Grammie!!!  Ryan and I were able to finish up the demo of the front yard and started on the back yard.  I obtained a life threatening injury.  Don't worry.  I pulled through.  It was a major cut on my leg.  I think amputation was discussed.  I'm not sure.  I was in and out of consciousness.  We also started on the back yard.  It was kind of like Jumanji back there.  I fully expected a bearded Robin Williams to fly across the yard on a vine.  Ryan worked the excavator and got it to where it is at least manageable for the time being.  So bad.  No telling what lives back there.  Probably the bear that pooped in the garage.

THE INJURY!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for the concern.  I'm fine.  


Getting better!!