Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nap Time = Blog Time!!

Ready, Set, Post!!!
Parker is down for the count, so I'll try to write a bit.  It's been a tough few weeks.  Obviously Ryan is in AZ for spring training with the Diamondbacks.  He is absolutely, positively miserable without the loves of his life with him of course.  He's being forced to sleep whenever he wants, lay out in the beautiful sun shine, golf, and not get puked or pooped on.  I mean....how terrible.  I wouldn't want that miserable life.  Haha!!  He really is missing his baby girl though.  I can not even imagine going 4 whole weeks without seeing our sweet girl.  Yes, we have Skype, but it's just not the same.  She is growing like a weed and has widely expanded her vocabulary with such words as "uh ooooh" (yes it's a word), "apple", "duck".....and the list goes on.  She's gifted, what can I say.

Sunday was an amazing day.  We went to church (which was actually the only amazing part) and then went out to lunch with my parents.  Parker decided that it would be really fun the throw up aaaaalllllllllllllll over me after she ate mashed potatoes, carrots, bread, and some green beans.  I mean, come on kid.  If you're gonna vomit could you at least do it BEFORE we eat such a hearty meal?  I came to lunch in a black dress with a tank top and tights underneath, and I left in the tank top and tights, and not like super thick leggings.  Tights that you could totally see through.  Thank the Lord I wore undies.  :)  Just kidding.....well....maybe.  Hehe.  Parker came to lunch in a cute dress and leggings and pink John Deer boots, and left in her rain jacket and diaper.  We were a real classy group.  Anywho.  We survived and she is feeling MUCH better thank you for asking.

Any traveling baseball wife/gf/fiance can agree that being apart is one of the toughest parts of this wonderful game.  I must say that when it comes time to actually pack up and leave to go join them for the season it is really hard as well.  How do you pack up your house without taking the entire thing with you?  I can barely decide what I'm going to need for a week away from home.  How on earth can I decide what I'm going to wear 4 months from now?  Haha!!  I go through this every year.  And every year I'm just fine when I get there, but it truly is tough. Thank God for Target and Walmart.  Especially when traveling with a baby girl.  Leaving the family is really hard as well.  My parents seem to think that Parker is going to stay here.  Baaaaahaaaaaahaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa Baaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  Sorry Mom.....ain't gonna happen.  She's going with me.  End of story.

Well, I hear a sweet baby yelling "DAAAAD".  That's right.  She yells "DAD" when she wakes up.  Heeeeelllllloooooooo I carried you for 40 weeks, birthed you via c section (ooooouch!!!), and I take care of you every day.  Can I just get a "HEY MOM" every once in a while?  Nope.  That's daddy's girl in there and I'm actually totally okay with it.  It melts my heart every time she says it.  :)

Hope everyone is having a great week, month, year,  whatever.  Catch ya lata!